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Stella Christie
Associate Professor of Psychology

My research looks at how the mind acquires knowledge through the process of comparing and analogizing. I am interested in how the mind perceives similar events, objects, or actions that occur across time, and how comparing and contrasting these may result in the learning of new concepts. I view analogy and comparison as domain-general learning mechanisms, and have explored how these mechanisms impact acquisition of numerical concepts, spatial cognition, and language learning. Currently I’m investigating whether and how analogical and comparison learning play a role in the development of social cognition.

After having learned some wildly different languages, I became fascinated by the similarities and differences of structures and forms of the world languages. In my second line of research, I ask whether and how these language differences affect cognition and learning.     Publications       CV

Research Coordinator

Kiera Parece

Headshot of Kiera PareceI graduated from Wellesley College in 2017 with a Bachelors of Arts. As an undergraduate, I worked in a laboratory preschool, which sparked my interest in understanding children’s cognition.

Student Researchers

Eishna Ranganathan (Class of 2020)

Eishna Kidlab
Major: Cognitive Science and Spanish
Areas of Interest: Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Graphic Design


Evan Orticio (Class of 2020)

Headshot of Evan Orticio
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Psychology
Areas of Interest: Psycholinguistics, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology


Seetha Davis (Class of 2019)

Headshot of Seetha Davis
Major: Psychology and Educational Studies
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Social Psychology


MinJae Song (Class of 2019)

Headshot of MinJae Song
Major: Psychology and Educational Studies
Minor: Art History
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, Educational Curriculum, English as a Second Language (ESL), Language Acquisition, Educational Psychology, and Social Psychology


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