For Parents

We are always looking for parents and children to participate in our studies. If you have children ages 3 months to 6 years, we invite you to sign up and visit us at Swarthmore.

A typical visit to our lab involves a one-time visit for half an hour, with the actual study only taking between 5 to 10 minutes. In an infant study, your baby will be seated on your lap or close to you at all times. S/he will then watch a short video or audio presentation, and we want to know how she responds to this display. Your baby will be videotaped and we analyze her reaction at a later time. With toddlers, we engage them in a fun game involving picture cards or novel objects. The child will be seated with the researcher in a kid-friendly room, and you can choose to observe from outside or from the corner of the room.

After the study, your child will receive a thank-you gift such as a book or a Swarthmore College kiddie t-shirt.

We have appointments Monday – Saturday, and we schedule it around a time that is convenient for you. A reserved parking spot by the lab is available for you, and we provide reimbursement if you choose to take public transport.

We know that as parents you are very busy, but think of this as a fun activity for your child and unique opportunity to contribute to developmental science!

For more information on directions and how to access our lab, click here.

We look forward to your visit!

Hours & Contact

Hours: Weekdays 9AM-4PM
Phone: 610-328-7813